Windows 8 would be available to users from 26th of October finally. Though much has been said and shared about the tweaks Microsoft has made to the new OS after its developers version, the consumer preview now released demands yet another overview of the excellent new interface and the whole bunch of new functionalities added alongside. Let me tell you what those are and how they make Windows 8 unique from other operating systems.

1.    Metro style touch based interface:
The new user touch interface of Windows 8 is based on its Metro Style design language similar to that in Windows Phone. The lock screen shows them and offers you to login to your Windows Account by swiping. Worth mentioning is the picture password feature instead of a lock code pattern. The home screen is made up of sharp-edged tiles, each tile representing a program or an application displaying notification on their top as well. You can create custom tiles for your games, apps and programs.

2.    Windows Accounts:
With Windows accounts, everything has now gone into the cloud. You can synchronize all your data including files, photos, apps, settings etc. and login to another Windows 8 device without even realizing that you are not using your own one. Pretty Cool? Yeah.

3.    Recognizing Gestures:
Gestures command the Windows 8 interface in reality. To open app or to close it and to optimize your settings, you need to swipe, glide or rotate it. Zooming in or out and resizing of widgets is possible using touch as well as mouse and keyboard shortcuts.

4.    UI Change:
The traditional orb like start button has gone. It is still present and you can find it swiping from the right edge of the screen, you can open the charms bar. Charms bar contains start option and other options for you while picking up colors from the many themes used across Windows 8. The taskbar remains as it is on the bottom let corner of the screen.

5.    Multi-Tasking:
You open an application by tapping on it. Big Deal? Yeah. You can run a number of applications simultaneously: send an email while playing a game or add a contact while watching a video.

6.    Windows store:
Windows Store consists of a wide array of different apps primarily free for now but soon there would be additions of the paid ones. You can browse the store and install the apps of your choice.  One of the great apps is Bing Maps which allow easy navigation and direction as well as the built in Photos application which allow access to Facebook and SkyDrive pictures both. These apps are developed in HTML5 which is a big step towards integrating the web development community and bringing up an altogether new era of PC.

7.    XBox:
Windows 8 would be able to run Xbox Games. Moreover, the XBox Live Hub in Windows 8 allows users to get access to their settings and recently played games. Xbox Live Companion allows launch Xbox 360 games from your Windows 8 PC. Soon there is going to be like this that you buy a game and run it on your PC, tablet, smartphone and Box at the same time.

8.    Other Features:
In Windows 8, you can search for anything from within your music library to the contacts, app and the web itself. Then system wide spell checking is also enabled. File explorer and refresh and reset have also been optimized. Internet Explorer 10 is going to be included and Windows to go feature would allow running and booting from USB devices.

These were only a select few of the features staying brief at the same time. It is surely being said that Windows 8 is not just an ordinary addition to the series of Microsoft Operating Systems. It would have much greater impact on the world of PC with people and bringing back Microsoft’s supremacy it once had.